Spring Newsletter 2021

Dear customers and partners

Spring is coming up, which means it’s time for sailing with Furlerboom.

We’ve been looking so much forward to showing you all our new products, since we’ve been working hard on the development of the product through out last year.

We’ve developed a new so-called “furling system” for our V-shaped boom. The furling system is built with specially produced pomp wheels, which give the system a firm grip on the furling drive inside the boom. It adds a much safer furling and a less wear on the line. From spring season this year, the new system will automatically be installed in our V-shaped booms.

Besides, you still have the opportunity get our well-known “furling pipe-system” installed in the V-shaped boom.

During this year we’re also working on getting the new furling system in our 20-year-old, classically known O-shaped boom.

At Furlerboom, we strive for perfection. Therefore, we now have FEM analysis all of our V-shaped booms in both Carbon and Fiberglass. This to ensure the optimal strength and weight. In connection to the FEM analysis, torsion tests have also been performed. This ensure that the strength of our V-boom is correct without compromising the weight of the boom.

Do make your spring and summer sailing easier, safer and more fun with products from Furlerboom.

Please feel free to contact us anytime.