The Furlerboom of mast tracks

There are 2 sizes of Furlerboom mast track, each with headboard cars available being able to suit any demand. This enables us to deliver a safe and reliable mast track system from the smaller to heavy displacement yachts and large multihull.

The Furlerboom mast track run on a ramp at the lower 8.6 m. and is flexible at the lower 4 m. (Patented) In this way the track will follow the boom/bolt rope and make furling/reefing possible in up to 80° apparent wind angle. This treats the bolt rope in a gentle way increasing lifetime and a nicer looking mainsail in reefed position: The ramp in the lower part of the track, flattens and correctly depower the mainsail when sailing reefed.

The mast track system can easily be fitted on masts with a groove by slugs without drilling. On carbon masts without a groove drill and tap will be necessary. In cases where another track have been removed the existing tapped holes are to a large extend able to be recycled.

Download guide to install track #1 here »