What shall i do if the main has suddenly difficulties to get hoisted?
The endless reefing line must run freely backwards when hoisting the main.
Check the starborad line for jamming and the port line for bunking, especially where it comes out of the boom.
What shall i do if the main is furling nicely on flat water, not in waves?
The outboard end of the boom moves up and down in waves. Either increase the return force in the kicker,
see operating guide, or use the boom topping lift when furling.
What shall I do if the main is moving forward when furling?
The main is powered. Ease the main sheet or point higher.
The outboard end of the boom is too low. See about correct furling angle and the use of kicker in the operating guide.

The main should be pulled down, not dropped. Keep a sufficient resistance on the main halyard by hand and the FurlerBoom main halyard control block. The brake force on the control block can be adjusted on the center bolt with a 17 key.
What shall i do if the main must come down now and we are not able to furl?
Quite simple. Do as with a normal boom: Lower the sail. If the main halyard control block is fitted,
it is a good idea to pull the main halyard backwards at the mast while pulling down the main.