Furlerboom is based on a long heritage and experience in design, construction and sailing. Furlerboom was founded in 1998, and is now owned and managed by Jørn Nissen. All booms are designed and manufactured in Denmark, from where the company supplies sailors all around the world.

We work to make boating more comfortable, safe and fun. Furlerboom makes your sailing easier and safer, as well as helping to save wear and tear on the sail to help for a longer life of the sail. The Furlerboom makes your sailing trips easier and can be used for both cruising and perfomance, and can even extend your years, as a sailor, on the water.

Furlerboom offers good craftmanship and high quality booms. The booms are designed in an elegant and streamlined design, where functionality helps increase the comfort and safety for you as a sailor.

Furlerboom has a fantastic drive to develop new and innovative products of a high build quality with the details in focus. The products are reliable, easy to use and work well in all kinds of weather.

Over the years, Furlerboom has produced over 750 booms, of which 150 booms have been produced and delivered in the past 2 years. Furlerboom is growing rapidly and is constantly developing new and innovative products and solutions to increase the user experience and performance of the boom, as well as always strive to deliver a high level of service for both buyer and sailors.