Christmas Newsletter 2020

Dear customers and partners,

2020 has been an unusual year, required an extraordinary effort from everyone, Corona has set the agenda and given all of us difficult working conditions but has also forced us to think more alternatively – find new ways, and be more creative.

Although it has not been physically possible to meet, we have experienced an incredibly close collaboration with our good customers and partners. The year has also given us brand new and interesting relationships.

Every single day, in a challenging year, our team has shown high enthusiasm, worked hard, and extremely seriously. A new outhall system has been developed for our V-shaped booms. The system is build with specially produced pomp wheels, which gives the reefing line a firm grip on the furling drive inside the boom, in the end, it gives a much more safe reefing and less wear on the line, and it's ready for the upcoming sailing season 2021.

We are currently working hard to get this new system incorporated into our O-shaped booms, but any new development takes time!

As informed in our newsletter from the summer of 2020, our annual report for 2019 was a solid financial development in both revenue and earnings. Even though the year 2020 has been challenging, everything looks very positive, we remain positive on the year and we are entering 2021 financially very sensibly.

We have learned a lot in the year 2020 - most importantly, we have to take good care of each other!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021.