The Furlerboom halyard control block

The Furlerboom main halyard control block add a friction to easing the main halyard when furling. The Furlerboom main halyard control block help to keep the luff tight when furling. This is one of the 3 essentials* to control correct reefing and furling. It is normally installed at the deck collar but with 1:2 purchase halyards it has also been mounted at the headboard car. When hoisting the main, the sheave of the control block runs free. When furling the control block sheave runs backwards and being able to add brake force it can then take up a part** of the main sail weight.

*See the 3 essentials in the manual. **We recommend the maximum brake force added to be able to carry the main sail ½ furled in. the remaining should be controlled easing by hand, on larger yachts with the main halyard round a winch.